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We teach your child:

hard work (i.e. learning exam techniques, practice, revision) and

heart work (i.e. mental strength to perform under stress, confidence, strong self motivation).



iSucceed Education Centre is co-founded by Mr Kong, a former Head of Department in School. He was in the service for more than 10 years and was promoted to Head of Department in a short span of 6 years of teaching in school. He and his team of teachers at iSucceed are passionate about teaching and sincere in helping students to learn, to focus and to excel.
At iSucceed, your child will succeed because learning becomes easier and academic targets become achievable.
At iSucceed, we complement the teaching in schools and help them to consolidate their learning.
Credentials of Our Teaching Staff:

Mrs Angela Kong

A former SAP school teacher in the East specialising in Mathematics and Science. She has more than 10 years of teaching experience and has built up very good resources to help the pupils in grasping key concepts.


Mr Kong

A former Mathematics Head of Department. He constantly studies and improves on teaching methods to help pupils achieve good results in PSLE. He has made improvements in pupils' Mathematics results using exclusive methods and strategies in solving of Mathematics problems.



Ms Sabrina Lee

Ms Sabrina is a very experienced tutor who teaches Secondary Mathematics. She connects very well with the students and she understands what areas the pupils are weak in through their work. She is also a pro-active tutor who is proficient in teaching and helping to clarify their doubts and reinforce their concepts through explanation and practice.

Ms Connie Tan

An experienced tutor who has more than 10 years in teaching of Primary Mathematics and Science in schools.


Ms Goh

A former teacher who has a degree of Bachelor of Science with Diploma in Education. She has more than 15 years of teaching experiences in both Mathematics and Science. She has developed many good and useful strategies in helping pupils in solving Maths Word Problems! She has also taught in Singapore International School Hong Kong for 4 years in helping the pupils in the learning of Mathematics.

Mrs Tee

A very experienced Secondary Science Teacher who has taught for more than 30 years in schools. She is well-versed in both Chemistry and Biology. She has a wealth of experience in helping the pupils in understanding of Science Concepts.






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