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“I am grateful to the teachers at the centre. In half a year, my maths results improved from 'D' to 'A'. I must thank the teachers here!”

— Tiong Hwa, Poi Ching School


"I joined this tuition around 1 month before PSLE. I am very grateful for the tuition as it had helped me a lot. The Maths tuition helped me improve from C to A. Thank you iSucceed." 

— Zheng Hong, St Hilda’s Primary School


"I am grateful to be taught by iSucceed. Their lessons are interesting. Their strategies helped me alot. Without Mr Kong, I would not be able to get a A* in Math. Thank you iSucceed."

— Daryl Chong, St Hilda’s Primary School


"iSucceed’s Math classes have certainly made me enjoy solving problem sums more. In the past, I used to dread the problem sums section of the Mathematics paper but now I treat every single problem sum as an enjoyable challenge and I feel motivated to do Math practice papers. The Math teachers as iSucceed also teach me simple methods to solve questions which test the pupil’s understanding of certain skills.

The Science teachers at iSucceed occasionally bring in interesting scientific instruments to the Science classes to help us understand certain scientific concepts. These make the Science lessons at iSucceed much more fun and help me show more interest in learning of Science."

— Averil Lau, St Hilda’s Primary School


“I thought that I would get a B for Maths, mainly because I always get a 'B' in school. Turns out I got an A since Mr Kong taught the problem-solving skills and good strategies really worked. Mr Kong's secret strategies are extremely useful. I could not ask for better teachers!”

— Elizabeth, Tao Nan School


“The tuition centre is a very good place to go for lessons. Thanks to the teachers here I know much more about Maths and Science. Other than school and parents, this education centre really contributed a lot to my T-score of 265 for my PSLE!”

— Zhi Yang, Fengshan Primary School


“The teachers here helped me understand difficult concepts. They really helped me to get A* for my Maths!”

— Johannes Gan Dombrowski, Fengshan Primary School


“I studied Maths and Science at iSucceed. Both my subjects improved! I am grateful to the teachers who have taught me at the centre.”

— Xin Xuan, Red Swastika School


"I joined this tuition centre when I was in year-end Primary 5. My Maths was so poor that I failed my Maths while for Science, my results is like a rollercoaster. But when I joined the tuition centre, my marks improved tremendously. I got an A for each of my Maths and Science,. Thank you for your kindness, patience and guidance throughout my learning."

— Glenda Teo, St Anthony's Canossian Primary


"I am thankful to the teachers from the tuition centre. The tuition centre teachers have helped me improve my Mathematics. Before I came to the tuition centre I usually get a B for my maths exams but after I have gone for tuition in this tuition centre, my results improved to an A."

— James Ong, Fengshan Primary School


"I am very grateful to Mr Kong for contributing the improvement in my Maths. He taught me lots of concepts that were not taught in school. I also learnt lots of methods to solve some difficult questions. His lively lessons made me more interested in Maths. He is also very patient in teaching me some questions which took me quite a while to understand. The methods and techniques that Mr Kong taught me and which I had used them enabled me to do well in my PSLE. Thank you, ISucceed!"

— Austin Chan, East Spring Primary School – A* for Mathematics


"Thank you iSucceed for helping me improve my Maths. J Without the tutor here, cool, fun and awesome methods of solving difficult questions, I will not do that well in Maths."

— Ang Han Lin, Maha Bodhi School



“I have been with this tuition centre for 2 years. This tuition helped me improve my Maths and Science. I am grateful for being in this tuition. I have always failed my Maths but when I came for tuition at this tuition centre, I have not failed since.”

— Jeremiah, St Hilda's Primary School


"I am grateful to be taught by the tutors here. They sacrificed their time and they taught good strategies. Mr Kong taught strategies to me for me to remain in A* for Math. Mrs Kong helped to achieve A* for Science. When I was young, I always thought getting A* for Science was impossible. After having tuition under Mrs Kong at ISucceed, I finally got A* for Science. In PSLE, I got I got A* for Math and Science. Thanks to Mr and Mrs Kong to their special strategies that won’t be taught in school. Thank you."

— Brandon Koh, Junyuan Primary School


"Thank you. Mdm Lim for teaching me all the methods to solve different kinds of problem. Thank you teachers and friends that make the learning fun and interesting. I will continue using the methods to solve problems in secondary school. I really enjoy the lessons and practices are really and helped me a lot. The methods are easier to understand and easier compared to the methods I learn elsewhere."

— Ng Koh Hin, Poi Ching School


"I am grateful for what this tuition centre has done for me. The teaching and methods that the tutor helped me solve problem sums faster, leaving me more time to check the whole math paper. Also, the process skills that Science Tutor taught also has improved my Science, getting me an A for PSLE. It  has improved my Maths tremendously from the first term’s B to A*. Thank you iSucceed!"

— Emmanuel Wong, St Hilda’s Primary School


“I am grateful to the teachers who taught me the concepts and skills on answering the Maths questions. My grades have improved ever since. I used the methods they taught me in the PSLE and it helped me. Thank you iSucceed!”

— Mog Shi Feng, Red Swastika School


“I am very grateful to this centre as it has helped me a lot along the way to PSLE. The teaching and methods that they taught here helps me a lot as I began to show a lot of improvement in Mid-Year SA1. For my Maths, an D to an B as well as my Science, from an C to an A. I did not expect to improve so much for my PSLE. I really want to thank my teachers for all the hard work that they have done for me.”

— Crystabel Chua, St Anthony's Canossian Primary


“I am grateful that this tuition centre where the teachers have taught me a lot of things about Science which helped me in my studies and also increased my knowledge. I am thankful of what the teachers have taught me.”

— Steve Lee, East View Primary School


"iSucceed Education Centre tutors have taught me many techniques to solve Maths Problem Sums. The Maths lessons taught by Mr Kong are interesting as well as the Science lesson taught by Mrs Kong. My grades for Science improved from B to A after I joined iSucceed. As for Maths, my grades also improved from A to A*. I am thankful for Mr Kong and Mrs Kong for their guidance in 213. Thank you, iSucceed! iSucceed is good and fantastic!"

— Winston Loo, Red Swastika School


“I am grateful to be taught by Mr Kong, Mrs Kong and a few other teachers and for the time and effort they sacrificed to teach the students in iSucceed. The teachers have helped me achieve an A* for both Mathematics and Science as they focused on the important topics of each of the subjects. Thank you, teachers!”

— Lydia Aw-Yong, St Anthony's Canossian Primary


"I am grateful for my Science and Math tutors especially my math tutor, Mr Kong, because for my Prelim Maths, I got a ‘D’, but for PSLE, I got an ‘A’, For Science, I scored a ‘B’, but for PSLE, I got an ‘A’. I really love the methods that Mr Kong taught, it really really helped me a lot and it is not what schools taught us. And also, I love the notes given by my Science tutor as well as the practice paper. My Science tutor also patiently explains why I got the questions wrong. I love this tuition centre!" 

— Adabel Tan Le’ En, St Anthony's Canossian Primary

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