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Your child is good at his/her basic Mathematical concepts but when it comes to word problems, your child does not know how to start or what strategies to use. Sounds familiar? 


How can you help your children to know what strategies to use to solve the Maths problem sums? 

As parents, we use our own ways to solve the problem sums and the children may understand these strategies. However, will they able to apply these strategies again on future word problems?

Then is there a systematic way to solve many types of word problems? 

At our centre, we focus on teaching our students how to use cutting-edge strategies to solve different types of word problems which are different sets of skills from learning basic Mathematical concepts in the textbooks. They will then learn how to APPLY these strategies in a systematic way. In this way, your child can solve different types of questions on their own after practising the strategies we teach here!

Mum, Dad, why are my Science open-ended answers are not what my teacher wants?

Have you ever wondered why your children's science answers in the open-ended section of the Science Paper are not correct and exactly what are required in the answers?

At our centre, we focus on teaching the Science Content which is the first important step to doing well in this subject. Then we also teach them the answering techniques to tackle the open-ended questions which many students do not know what is required in the answers. We have a systematic way of teaching our students strategies how to answer the various process skills questions in the open-ended as well as the multiple choice sections!

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